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Hello and welcome to From Their Ashes Home page. Our goal and mission as an On-line Gaming community is to help improve the game industry By teaching coding and computer skills to children and adults. We have basic policy and that is to be respectful to other gamers and any Gaming Companies policies. This community is FREE to join.  We have Brain Storm Meeting that is open to anyone to voice any ideas and/or issues. This Community is driven by what we all put in. There are positions open with in our community to become a Game Reps., Game Testers, Review Agents, and moderators for chat rooms. We are still in the progress of getting companies to offer us task and/or projects. This Community is a NON-PROFIT organization. This will help any gamers on any system in the Game Industry. Our members that join are members and if you want to become more there are openings. We have a Game battle Team on MLG. To join our MLG team, leave a comment on your application. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our staff that is located on the contact page.  We are looking for Sponsors for our community center that we are working on, if you would like to help there are investor forums and application.
Thank you for visit our page and have a great day.